Friday, April 9, 2010

Saving Office 2007 Projects - Backwards Compatibility

Have Office 2007 or 2010? Have friends or colleagues with Office 2003? You can't open Office 2007 or higher files in Office 2003 without downloading a compatibility pack, but there's a very easy solution. Just save your 2007 projects as 97-2003 files. Go to the Office button and click "Save as". See the example from Word 2007 below. It's as easy as that. The file will be saved with an extension (.doc, .xls, etc) that Office 97-2003 will recognize and accept. Now you can send files you've created in a new version of Office to friends who are still using older versions.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Saving/Retrieving Attachments

A common problem that novice computer users face is losing track of where their email attachments went on their computer, how to save them to their documents, the difference between viewing and saving, etc. Here's an intuitive article that may help clear up some of your confusion: